Hey Wuzzy

Hey there Wuzzy
I just came to talk for a while
(even though)
my homework is undone
(even though)
its way past my bedtime
I just want to sit beside you
I want to feel secure
(one last time)
the sun reclaims its throne
and it becomes prone
to the fact that
it rules the world
so before its too late
hear me.
Once again I'm crying
besides the bedsheet
I can hear my mommy's voice
its distant
yet so close
Hey there Wuzzy don't you hide
cuz the hospitals
been closed for a while
and no one can mend a broken heart
(better than you) x2
{Rapping} Hey Fuzzy Wuzzy
Just listen to me one last time
don't give me that awkward silence
listen to me
talk to me
Damn it I missed it up again
Didn't I?
I'm on my knees
Pretty please
just listen to me!
[Hush little baby    <--Eminem's Mockingbird End Chorus!
don't you cry
everything's gonna be alright]
Ahan---but Wuzzy It aint like that
Its like a strain in the neck
Its like someone's stabbing you
right at the back
Life spat me on the face!
[Hush little baby don't you whine
there must be a reason behind--]
I aint whining Wuzzy
I aint complaining
Im sicka tired of ma life
Id rather plunge that knife
Deep within the heart
rather than bleeding inside
[No little baby don't say that
you don't what you're aiming at
Life maybe tough but it isn't like that
After the storm comes a rainbow
After the fall comes the snow
Besides its been a while
since you brought home a smile]
But Wuzzy---
[Sssh little baby go to sleep
tomorrows gonna be just fine]

And guess what tomorrow that guy got 9/10 on a physics test!

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