I Read it I finally Read it! :O

Yes I ---This Thingy Right here------->READ<------Yup you spelled it right a book (btw 25 pages does count eh?) Im not exaggerating but I finally did it, And for all those people who said that I wouldnt have come this far, but I did--The Journey was tough but the reward was even greater----mere nothingness. As the stakes were high I had to act fast so I walked as fast as I could (Yup 2.5 km an hour) and then right before me stood THE RED DEVIL or you could just call it the Liberty Bookstore and then I took a step--aagh anyways the main part
I READ IT IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF :) Okay Im not--but still?? And I cant believe it its business I MEAN BUSINESS I guess this John Grisham guy surely knows how to write some books.

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