To Mr.Chocolate with love

Hershey Manor,Next to Snickers Shoe Store,
16th Cadbury Milk Street,


Dear beloved Chocolate,
First of all my apologies for the fact that I have been devouring some of your species quite a lot lately. But as you see its not enitrely my fault as they have this "cholatiness" which keeps me coming back, so in order to prevent your extinction I would suggest you to hide them into a secret place (and make sure its not above the cupboard like last time) I am afraid If I continue at this rate someday in desperation of chocolate I might have to invade your planet someday (which obviosly means going to the supermarket..but sshh its my plan). And another thing what the hell do you put inside it!! Cocaine?! And if you don't tell me that awesome secret I might have to send spies to get it from you. (which also oviously means secretly looking at the wrapper's ingredients ssh thats a secret too!) And I have a personal request to make please send me those Kitkat missles with those chocolate bomb thingys as I need to destroy Terrible Teeth's secret hideout.
  And last time I checked at my chocometer it read 108 degrees so I might need some of your yucky white chocolate. And please next time no diabetic chocolate shipment to earth as it damages ourchocolatey taste and very harmul and may cause well cless-chocolatephobia I guess.
Yous sincerely,

P.S I love your foil wraping paper <3

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