Forgotten Music

Lets take a break from the music world we know today forget hiphop--forget metal--forget pop--forget country, lets lower down to another genre or possibly aisle. Seriously I was fed up with my playlist there came a time when I got bored of  Linkin Park and Avril!! Im serious over her--helluva (<-A new word learnt today--thanks to John Grisham :D ) yeah on the serious lane anyways w8 a minute its not forgotten or it is?? Oops Well.. I think it is---Hello Doofus Its called Instrumentals! Nope Instrumentals are different trust me--if you dont believe me ask Wuzzy. I mean its epic guys yep epic--an the best part its emotional without saying any words--THE POWER OF MUSIC!!--eh??? anyways check a load of this gys?? Ohh w8 I dont have any guys--oh you w8 I will when the time is right aagh dreaming is getting dumb so here they are :D

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