Yep. Guessed right. He's high on balonies

 anyways my point here is just like that guy everybody goes crazy once in a's not like you're always serious...there must be something that triggers your inner crazie boggleness..besides it looks awesome too *well kinda* Be it balonies or bubblewrap you to sometimes suffer from THE...THE TRIPPLE SALAMI DISORDER!! (yeah couldn't think of a better name :P )

So I wanted to know what's your Disorder all about?
P.S  yes thats a pony with butterflies


is it? is it? is it? tell me! tell me!
^Sorry he's high on chocolate vodka anyways okay I was a bit lonely (<--yes i do get lonely) today morning and well decided to talk to someone (excluding  my considerably small facebook circle) and well it turns out that chat rooms are just a place for bragging how old you are and how much candy you eat in a day..okay maybe not the last part.
 Anyways this brings me to the real topic,so I'm gonna settle this off like a BOSS! okay that came out wrong

                                                                      OR IS IT?

5 reasons to avoid Audio-books

      #1 They Talk and Live Inside your Head!! 
                #2 Makes stuff Complicated! 
            #3 You Can't Feel or Smell it!
                     #4 If the Voice is...
       #5 You might doze off soon enough

A Spiderman in an underwear!! (and much more)

Hey there guys, umm me and some guys ave been working on a blog about errr..well its about movies,reviews, awesome comics, and PINEAPPLES! anyways please go check it out :)
                                  THE RED TICKET
                         *clicky clicky*

New year resolutions...gone wrong

Okay I swear this time I'll lose my weight!!                                          Going on from
This year I'll quit smoking for sure!                                                2005'ish something    
This year I'll study hard and get a C!                                                            till    
This year I'll organize myself---or err.or I'll be disorganized!                  2012..

Okay I'll be honest, I mean how many times have we made resolutions like this and never actually did it...(uhem lemme count---freakin 300?! Okay I'm not even 300 but still)
Nowadays new year resolutions actually don't even matter to people anymore well 'cause theyre just useless and bad reminders..and really what's the point of  making resolutions when you're gonna end up not doing it..
And sometimes we look at this way that we think we're going to bring so many changes to ourselves that in the end they are just too much to handle and sometimes even to the extent it becomes impossible and not only that they would make our lives a living hell rather than fixing your mistakes.
Yeah thats about it
And in most cases we even lose interest in them because we work so hard on the beginning that it becomes to difficult for us to actually cope up with it
The truth later on becomes that these goals don't become achievable at all and the year just passes like that--we lose the determination and the will we had before and end up the same again, so yeah in other words they become useless.
 The only way to do it--is to have approachable and easy targets and to take baby steps at it, don't rush or stress yourselves at it keep it simple--and just do a little at a time but do it frequently and never overdo yourself  'cause you might would not want to end up like this..

                                            anyways hope you have an awesome new year

Epic Snowing!

                                                              *WORD* LIKE A BOSS
Anyways jokes aside hope you guys had an awesome time---and have a wonderful holiday *yes I'm a teensy bit late :for that :P * and remember eat lots of cake!!!

P.S Crazy snowballs DO fall from the sky