Lulu out!--and in!

Alright lulu'ins (<--dont know why i chose that word) Anyways guys Ive got some good news Aunt Mary Charles Pickleson is arriving into town lately so yeah umm shes bringing some of her homemade snuffy-coated--munchkins with and the best part Shane Dawson is arriving with her too!! ( A guy can dream right??) So yeah Im gonna be busy kay? for the next few weeks--so yeah since then umm enjoy her visit :)
(I have seriously no idea why I wrote this post--I do actually)
Alright so umm ask any question if you feel like Ill always be there-till then See ya later--Diagator!

You only fall in love once...or twice

This post is gonna suck just letting you know..

Fallen in love? (Umm yeah) then read--I demand YOU to read!
Ever fallen in love--(you just asked that?!) [God!] with someone who you cant get over--a random crush'eee is different, you can crush on anyone like the cashier...your teacher o_O ..anyways the point (oh and btw my blog has no point just so you noticed) that SOMEONE you cant get over with even though your Ever-so-caring friends have consoled you..still you can't get over with it (I know?! I hate the cupid too! IS he like Robin hood?!) whenever you walk near him your heart starts pacing and you cant think and somehow your ever-so-loud tongue becomes silent all of the sudden and all youre left with awkward silence and when that moment is over you start cursing yourself later..No matter what happens--you can't get much of it and that someone is just so PERFECT and all like umm the too perfect'y type. and years pass but still youre over him/her. Well that my friend is a CRUSH THAT YOU CANT GET OVER WITH or CTYCGOW---or TAC (The Awesome Crush---its like a crush but way more awesom'er) TAC is the literally falling in love--this only happens once--or twice--or thrice--or f'rice. Anyways its rare like umm the Jewels of Zelda!  So my friend you WILL Regret it later (Yes I'm regretting it :P ) And umm one more bracket: [Im not talking about celebrities!]  I know youre like all shy and cant tell it (Neither will I--or maybe I will) Just cuz umm like a top secret not to be shared secret admirer :P and stalker! And hey?! If that SOMEONE is like your oxygen--or helium--or Argon! Just tell it for gods sake! Theres a reason why theres always a lover in hollywood Movies! I mean like in every Movie! But umm me I like it that way--maybe just maybe ill tell :P But hey! Love sucks right?! :P