Hey Wuzzy

Hey there Wuzzy
I just came to talk for a while
(even though)
my homework is undone
(even though)
its way past my bedtime
I just want to sit beside you
I want to feel secure
(one last time)
the sun reclaims its throne
and it becomes prone
to the fact that
it rules the world
so before its too late
hear me.
Once again I'm crying
besides the bedsheet
I can hear my mommy's voice
its distant
yet so close
Hey there Wuzzy don't you hide
cuz the hospitals
been closed for a while
and no one can mend a broken heart
(better than you) x2
{Rapping} Hey Fuzzy Wuzzy
Just listen to me one last time
don't give me that awkward silence
listen to me
talk to me
Damn it I missed it up again
Didn't I?
I'm on my knees
Pretty please
just listen to me!
[Hush little baby    <--Eminem's Mockingbird End Chorus!
don't you cry
everything's gonna be alright]
Ahan---but Wuzzy It aint like that
Its like a strain in the neck
Its like someone's stabbing you
right at the back
Life spat me on the face!
[Hush little baby don't you whine
there must be a reason behind--]
I aint whining Wuzzy
I aint complaining
Im sicka tired of ma life
Id rather plunge that knife
Deep within the heart
rather than bleeding inside
[No little baby don't say that
you don't what you're aiming at
Life maybe tough but it isn't like that
After the storm comes a rainbow
After the fall comes the snow
Besides its been a while
since you brought home a smile]
But Wuzzy---
[Sssh little baby go to sleep
tomorrows gonna be just fine]

And guess what tomorrow that guy got 9/10 on a physics test!

To Mr.Chocolate with love

Hershey Manor,Next to Snickers Shoe Store,
16th Cadbury Milk Street,


Dear beloved Chocolate,
First of all my apologies for the fact that I have been devouring some of your species quite a lot lately. But as you see its not enitrely my fault as they have this "cholatiness" which keeps me coming back, so in order to prevent your extinction I would suggest you to hide them into a secret place (and make sure its not above the cupboard like last time) I am afraid If I continue at this rate someday in desperation of chocolate I might have to invade your planet someday (which obviosly means going to the supermarket..but sshh its my plan). And another thing what the hell do you put inside it!! Cocaine?! And if you don't tell me that awesome secret I might have to send spies to get it from you. (which also oviously means secretly looking at the wrapper's ingredients ssh thats a secret too!) And I have a personal request to make please send me those Kitkat missles with those chocolate bomb thingys as I need to destroy Terrible Teeth's secret hideout.
  And last time I checked at my chocometer it read 108 degrees so I might need some of your yucky white chocolate. And please next time no diabetic chocolate shipment to earth as it damages ourchocolatey taste and very harmul and may cause well cless-chocolatephobia I guess.
Yous sincerely,

P.S I love your foil wraping paper <3

Unicorns are old school! Well I guess so..

Okay maybe the unicorn does look a little bit lonely but hold on hes not cute!! And Spongebob is not doing the evil laugh!..thats Plankton's job

  Come on guys I think its time to change your favorite underwear..Unicorns have grown old give em a break--besides nonetheless Spongebob deserves the fame too...I mean come on Pineapples are way cooler than well...wherever they live. Anyways thats not the point..I mean c'mon Unicorns are somehow ya know well their time is gone. Hold your unicorns right there! Before I continue I dont hate them but just in comparison of Spongebob..well Spongebob is like truly hell awsum.. Right?? Don't be disappointed besides Spongebob does believe in Leprechauns and Unicorns right?? Well except that unicorns dont live in Bikini Bottom. See Spongebobs a good guy not a bad guy...and Unicorns well theyre awsum too. (Umm btw u do believe in Spongebob,unicorns, and magical jelly blobs who eliminate Cunning Custard right?? Okay maybe cut the last part.) My pointy is well theyre both kinda dying anyways :( So its our duty to rescue them for the safety of mankind--for the sake of Bikini Bottom--for the sake of well umm---Fairytailia. So from now onwards the legacy will continue we will believe in them till the last day for they are our super heroes...yep no Goey Lantern guys.
Okay so we are sorta neutral on this so GO TEAM SPONGEBOB!! AND WELL YOU TO UNICORN!! See now theyre even...umm the picture well forget the picture.

Shrunken Shrek

She calls me shrunken shrek
I'll tell you that she's a wreck
And I'll do anything--anything
Just to get away--Just to get away
from her
ever-ever-ever (x2)
Id rather eat my vegetables
(then be with her!)
Id rather read my Maths book
(then stay with her!)
Mind boggling
Damn irritating
On the school hallway
I can hear her say
La la la la lay!
I wish I could throw a potato
or a tomato
or maybe a burrito---na!
Cuz Ill do everything---everything
to get away
from her
ever--ever-ever (x2)
But you know what its okay
Wait--is it?
Cuz when I come to talk
and she ruins the dramatic walk
and shes like--
Talk Talk Talk Talk
all the way home
and Im like
Blah blah blah blah
all the way home
She talk-a talk-a talk-a lot
Like a retard
And she never wondered why
that one day
she'll melt the blue sky
and yet...
She calls me Shrunken Shrek :P

That One Eyed Monster!!

Will it stop staring at me!!! I mean That webcam is like haunting me--its like a one eyed cyclops watching me very closely and reporting to his evil buddy Soundwave the Satellite ..I'm serious its giving me shrills! C'mon look at it closely its a monster! I tell you, just look into its deep black infrared eyes...its as if its recording your every move and plotting against you...And maybe he has befriended Scary Skype & Monster Mike and now they are awaiting for their master plan to be put into action! Or he could have contacts with the CIA and reporting intelligence reports where I am...what if they already know my secrets. And maybe I'm being recording..I've gotta run...no they probably know my whereabouts, should I tell Daddy--nope he won't believe me would you believe me?? Crickets!? Where have you gone!? Why do I have a feeling its gonna end like SAW but nope they were humans rite?? rite!? Okay I'm having goosebumps---am I talking to myself..I guess thats what people do when they scared..no! I'll be a man and go and watch TV and---w8 was that a Chupacabra?!!

A Tribute to Google For being an Awsum buddy Love u google!

My Poor Macaroni MUHAHAHA! >:)

Its good to be evil that is to the Poor Squishy Macaronis after all that's what they deserve for invading the Spaghetti Lands..I mean Come on using minced meat as your weapon...everybody knows FBI the Fork are patrolling downtown and especially on an Italian Night. So as usual I called up Killer the Ketchup and I did the usual rounds butter em up and then well..then comes the fun stuff. Well Practically when you;re torturing Macaroni there's a great deal of tortures from you to chose such as:
1) Rolly Polly!:
 Its quite simple its like buttering your prawns. spread a wide amount of ketchup pick on the most innocent macaroni and then pick 'em on by youre fork and do a scrubby dubby dub! And rub him against the floor (well actually the plate) but still make him feel the pain and anguish!!!

Tear 'em part!!..from limb to limb..make sure that pasta suffers the pain and then shred it into pieces..well theres one problem you wouldn't be able to actually eat it.

3)Pointy! (only applies to elbow macaroni)
Take that macaroni and between the hole place one of the fork's pointy thingys and place it deeeper until it reaches the edge of the fork repeat the process until the macaroni is worn out and your pleasure is fulfilled!

4)Squeezy Peezy
This ones kinda fun but messy but hold on messy things are fun rite? Anyways place a handful of macaroni in the center of the palm and then gradually close it into a fist and then press harder--and harder! and harder!--until you can't find a difference between macaroni and mashed potatoes

5)Terrible Teeth! (This one is kinda good cuz it actually goes into youre mouth--that is in pieces)
Place the macaroni at the edge of you're teeth and let the mashing smashing biting licking begin but remember it should be locked in your mouth and make sure there's enough damage as possible then swallow it down in your gullet and makes sure it never comes back out of your digestive system!!

  Well thats how I do it--anyways my point wait god I cant concentrate dont blame me blame the awesome music of Numb encore ok where was I oh yeah cooking raw with the Brooklyn boy. which reminds me next time  raw macaroni its your turn!! So whos gonna start a riot against macaroni!?? Okay that's weird--cuz crickets cant riot or can they?? Well umm okay now were done torturing can we start discussing the awesomeness of Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches??!! 

It Broke :(

Today a horrible thing happened..Im serious guys...NO REALLY SERIOUS...There are only two toys I love one of them is Tyranta (which is apparently a batman action figure) but still I prefer to call it Tyranta..anyways not the point the other toy I loved was my friends..Diego..Diego. And I'm afraid Today a horrible thing happened---very horrible :( Okay I just took a bath and I just arrived in the drawing room and then suddenly CRACK--gues what?? guessed right..guessed darn right. Seriously I loved him very much even more than Wuzzy more than Tyrnta..More than Monko, More than KP. Uggh I just hope The Super Glue does its job otherwise Im afraid--that Diego will hav eonly one paw :( I never knew it would come up to this..this.
  His smile His awesome smile..Gosh I just wish I hadnt took a bath..See thats the reason we shouldn;t take baths!! --Aaagh never mind :/

One Word. Dead

I'm safe. I'm alive. No wait I'm dead. Or am I? Am I? I am. I am here. Or there. Up there. There. So what am I? Where am I? I am dead. I---don't exist. I am what I am. What exactly am I? Am I supposed to live?
Am I life? Am I death? Am I? Or I was. I'm not dead. I'm not! I'm---dead. No. No. I don't wanna die. I want to live. Will it come ? Why? If I am. If I am. Take me away. Take me. I don't wanna live. Or do I? It doesn't matter. It will happen. Soon. Very Soon. When? Am I supposed to die? Am I? Am--I? ---A-a-am I? Silence.

Its good to be weird :D

Never ate a cockroach?? Never watched Power puff Girls? Never had an awkward moment with your Crushees? NEVER been weird...well no offence but GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE 
Yeah so what I sing in the shower..So what if I still play with my toys..So watchya gonna do Im standing on top--So listen up thats my generation ( :D Go Simple Plan.) My point--
Waffles                     OR                              Weirdness
Educate                     U                                Eventually
Icecream                COULD                        Is
Really                     JUST                            Rockingly 
Dumbly                    SAY                            Dominating!! 

According to my flowchart 
Weirdness ---->Epicness---->And Epicness is Awesomeness!---->w8 for it----> a couple more arrows--->a little more--->drum roll---->KUNG FU PANDA 2'ness
Well thats what I learnt from the movie...

And according to my table
Days              Weirdness Meter           Popularity Level

   1                              5°                              Somebody
   2                             11°                       What was your name again?    
   3                             15°                      He noticed me!! :D
   4                            17°                        So you actually did that!
   5                             22°                OMG Dude thats wicked!                          
   6                             27°                         How does he do that!
   7                             32°              You can now be given the title "Weirdo"
RESULT: Somewhat successful
CAUTION:If weirdness is crossed by the limit then you may experience People getting away from you'ness i.e loneliness 

So whos with me?? ....................Crickets  -.- ...I'll take that as a no

Forgotten Music

Lets take a break from the music world we know today forget hiphop--forget metal--forget pop--forget country, lets lower down to another genre or possibly aisle. Seriously I was fed up with my playlist there came a time when I got bored of  Linkin Park and Avril!! Im serious over her--helluva (<-A new word learnt today--thanks to John Grisham :D ) yeah on the serious lane anyways w8 a minute its not forgotten or it is?? Oops Well.. I think it is---Hello Doofus Its called Instrumentals! Nope Instrumentals are different trust me--if you dont believe me ask Wuzzy. I mean its epic guys yep epic--an the best part its emotional without saying any words--THE POWER OF MUSIC!!--eh??? anyways check a load of this gys?? Ohh w8 I dont have any guys--oh you w8 I will when the time is right aagh dreaming is getting dumb so here they are :D

I Read it I finally Read it! :O

Yes I ---This Thingy Right here------->READ<------Yup you spelled it right a book (btw 25 pages does count eh?) Im not exaggerating but I finally did it, And for all those people who said that I wouldnt have come this far, but I did--The Journey was tough but the reward was even greater----mere nothingness. As the stakes were high I had to act fast so I walked as fast as I could (Yup 2.5 km an hour) and then right before me stood THE RED DEVIL or you could just call it the Liberty Bookstore and then I took a step--aagh anyways the main part
I READ IT IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF :) Okay Im not--but still?? And I cant believe it its business I MEAN BUSINESS I guess this John Grisham guy surely knows how to write some books.

Look Inside

[Awesome drumbeat]
(Just Look Inside)
{Rapping} El Diablo
Thats my name yo
(Just find your pride)
Thats the scenario
Just look at the Picasso
(Hidden in these lies)
I was walking back on the railroads
looking so dissatisfied
and then came the crash--
BOOM! That changed everything
Life went back by like a sling
And everything
Wasnt supposed to end
Like a Happy Ending
One moment I was there
Strolling Down the streets
And the next
Lying on a bed and counting sheep
Days went by
But I didnt recover
Guess I didnt discover
The beauty of Life
When you look inside
And open your eyes
And let it slide
within you
(And a whole lot of chorus)

Hey Dad..

Hey Dad!
 I guess now I found the reason why you are extremely mad at my brother when you come home or in some cases go to work. Maybe its cuz u know you work the whole day for us all that sweat and tears, and maybe at the end of the day you come home and thhe first sight that you see when you come into the living room (Yes my computer in the living room :( ) is that me and my brother are playing Territory War--(wait for it ONLINE! :P oh yeah btws guys im on a streak of 4-0 bet u cant beat me :P) and now the serious part -.- im serious alrite :P okay im not serious (w8 guys this is a letter to my dad!) anyways where was I oh yeah the "lectury" part (btw guys im not that lectury am I??) So dad maybe I understand that 80% of it is my fault and I hope dad you are not disappointed Im a proud son :) (hold on guys im having my moment :P aaah never mind) so dad I hope Ill make it up to you someday.
Your sincerely,
Sualeh Ali
(I cant sign :P so just imagine this is a sign)

(btw guys the 20% goes to the cursing of the awesomeness of that game and the computer's placement in the living room!!)