Hey Dad..

Hey Dad!
 I guess now I found the reason why you are extremely mad at my brother when you come home or in some cases go to work. Maybe its cuz u know you work the whole day for us all that sweat and tears, and maybe at the end of the day you come home and thhe first sight that you see when you come into the living room (Yes my computer in the living room :( ) is that me and my brother are playing Territory War--(wait for it ONLINE! :P oh yeah btws guys im on a streak of 4-0 bet u cant beat me :P) and now the serious part -.- im serious alrite :P okay im not serious (w8 guys this is a letter to my dad!) anyways where was I oh yeah the "lectury" part (btw guys im not that lectury am I??) So dad maybe I understand that 80% of it is my fault and I hope dad you are not disappointed Im a proud son :) (hold on guys im having my moment :P aaah never mind) so dad I hope Ill make it up to you someday.
Your sincerely,
Sualeh Ali
(I cant sign :P so just imagine this is a sign)

(btw guys the 20% goes to the cursing of the awesomeness of that game and the computer's placement in the living room!!)                                                                            

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