Unicorns are old school! Well I guess so..

Okay maybe the unicorn does look a little bit lonely but hold on hes not cute!! And Spongebob is not doing the evil laugh!..thats Plankton's job

  Come on guys I think its time to change your favorite underwear..Unicorns have grown old give em a break--besides nonetheless Spongebob deserves the fame too...I mean come on Pineapples are way cooler than well...wherever they live. Anyways thats not the point..I mean c'mon Unicorns are somehow ya know well their time is gone. Hold your unicorns right there! Before I continue I dont hate them but just in comparison of Spongebob..well Spongebob is like truly hell awsum.. Right?? Don't be disappointed besides Spongebob does believe in Leprechauns and Unicorns right?? Well except that unicorns dont live in Bikini Bottom. See Spongebobs a good guy not a bad guy...and Unicorns well theyre awsum too. (Umm btw u do believe in Spongebob,unicorns, and magical jelly blobs who eliminate Cunning Custard right?? Okay maybe cut the last part.) My pointy is well theyre both kinda dying anyways :( So its our duty to rescue them for the safety of mankind--for the sake of Bikini Bottom--for the sake of well umm---Fairytailia. So from now onwards the legacy will continue we will believe in them till the last day for they are our super heroes...yep no Goey Lantern guys.
Okay so we are sorta neutral on this so GO TEAM SPONGEBOB!! AND WELL YOU TO UNICORN!! See now theyre even...umm the picture well forget the picture.

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