Shrunken Shrek

She calls me shrunken shrek
I'll tell you that she's a wreck
And I'll do anything--anything
Just to get away--Just to get away
from her
ever-ever-ever (x2)
Id rather eat my vegetables
(then be with her!)
Id rather read my Maths book
(then stay with her!)
Mind boggling
Damn irritating
On the school hallway
I can hear her say
La la la la lay!
I wish I could throw a potato
or a tomato
or maybe a burrito---na!
Cuz Ill do everything---everything
to get away
from her
ever--ever-ever (x2)
But you know what its okay
Wait--is it?
Cuz when I come to talk
and she ruins the dramatic walk
and shes like--
Talk Talk Talk Talk
all the way home
and Im like
Blah blah blah blah
all the way home
She talk-a talk-a talk-a lot
Like a retard
And she never wondered why
that one day
she'll melt the blue sky
and yet...
She calls me Shrunken Shrek :P

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