That One Eyed Monster!!

Will it stop staring at me!!! I mean That webcam is like haunting me--its like a one eyed cyclops watching me very closely and reporting to his evil buddy Soundwave the Satellite ..I'm serious its giving me shrills! C'mon look at it closely its a monster! I tell you, just look into its deep black infrared eyes...its as if its recording your every move and plotting against you...And maybe he has befriended Scary Skype & Monster Mike and now they are awaiting for their master plan to be put into action! Or he could have contacts with the CIA and reporting intelligence reports where I am...what if they already know my secrets. And maybe I'm being recording..I've gotta they probably know my whereabouts, should I tell Daddy--nope he won't believe me would you believe me?? Crickets!? Where have you gone!? Why do I have a feeling its gonna end like SAW but nope they were humans rite?? rite!? Okay I'm having goosebumps---am I talking to myself..I guess thats what people do when they! I'll be a man and go and watch TV and---w8 was that a Chupacabra?!!

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