Gummy Bears!! :D

Mmm while I chew on the chewables out there (btw I have a record! :D No Im srs!! Ive chewed over 1.5
 hours and even though the chewing gum is melting its still worth it :) ) lets talk about those squishy, cuddly, Gummy adorable things--nope not Gooey the orb monster who lives in Pizza Planet--yep the old cartoon Gummy Bears more importantly those cute thingys who are trapped in the plastic cage and await their worst nightmnare THE TANGY TOUNGE--It rolls, it swirls, it twirls, it licks ,and with the help of its sidekick Terrible Teeth They combine with their special saber saliva ready to zap any Foodies who trespass the boundaries.Yup but heroically Sualeh comes to the resque  he tears apart the strong unbreakable forcefield of the rare material PLASTIC and lets them taste air (that is that they do not have any tounges) well after 2mins they eventually end up swallowed up too :D
  Anyways some day I hope I just  hope that the world would be covered with gelatine and and aagh theyre so yummy!!! Gosh  I just cant stop I just cant stop!! Come closer Gummies!! OkayI admit Ive totally lost itbut the more I write--you know what the shops round the corner lets have another go--yep enough change- especially for them <3 sorry guys Im busy :P Which reminds me which one is the best the Rubbery Red or the Gooey Green--aah who am I kidding Yummy Yellow FTW!!

Maple Tree

Will it live? Or will it die?
Is this meant to be--or meant to die
So tell me the truth is this really meant to be or--
will it wither like a maple tree--Like a Maple Tree
'cause I dont want to break your heart
(and neither do you)
I can see the road--its rough--and things will get tough
But Ill be ready
just tell me
(that can you look me in the eyes)
and tell me that everything's alright
Tell me that its more than a crush
Or just a rush
Is this more than a friendship
Can we really build a relationship
The branches seem broken
And yet truth hasn't spoken
{Rapping} Tear a page
Tear a leaf
Does it matter cuz it doesnt seem
Silence comes
Silence goes
Grass grows
Wind blows
Its taking too much time
I dont wanna whine
But Im running out of rhymes
At this pace
Id rather chase
A gorilla
Or a freakin godzilla
Making pots out of paper
Making love out of vapor
Holding leaves
Holding Hands
It matters but it doesnt seem
If it takes time
Ill be there and I know
youll follow me
Ill be right beneath the Maple tree
Maple Tree

I love those motivational songs :)

First of all my apologies to the crickets as I hadnt been writing cuz..just cuz..
Whatever happened Im happy it ended, he found it, he said it, what difference does it make?? Im back to Square 1 and now only me and Who Says in the bathroom :/
 You might never hear me saying this but Perry made my day :) , even though its stupid aaagh this topic is gtetting boring!! So early bye--Early to Bye, Early to Cry. It helps make you Wet Eyes..okay now thats stupid

How to be umm a loser i.e me! (NOW IN 10 EASY STEPS!!)

Okay after watching all those nigahiga videos..which my bad I didnt see :( and apparently hearing all those gibberish from someone who is probably reading it right now (ssssh! codename bobby :P) it apparently made me write me my own how twos :/
1) Most importantly be a hypocrite (heyy easy with the words I have a heart okay--hey didn't I lock you up in the cage yesterday!! Just w8 when Im done typing on the laptop!)
2)Then well youve gotta suck at sports and sing Eminem songs in the Sports block (Im not afraid to take a step--hey will you leave my brush alone!! :@)
3)Then here comes the bitter truth,you'll have to marry the computer and dont forget facebook too, dont break her heart too :(
4)Well then youve gotta be silent "hmph" type and to do that rememmber do not talk in any circumstances!! (Even if its about Pink Panther and its awesome tune--You still watch it o_O--you have a problem?? W8 Dont you run away! Okay Ive gotta admit this talking with yourself thingy its getting pretty lame -.-
5)Youve gotta be the walk alone type--and umm well sing songs and talk to yourself while youre at it :P
6)Youve gotta love Italian Food <3 <3 and ooh chocolates!!
7)Music HAS to be your lifeline--your inspiration (And remember NO LISTENING TO BLUES, A BIT JAZZ [<== Cuz of Casey :D] AND FUSE!)
8)Gosh its only 8 its taking too much time (sigh) <==You have to over react on every thing!!!
9)Youve gotta act lke a total weirdo.
10)You also live in another world.

Best of Both Worlds

^Hold on!!! Yeah You,Who? Me..ah nvm I never minded your nvm! anyways (w8 anyways doesn't have any ways :S) uggh the one who's giggling (u mean me?),Hanna Montana u bet! :P
 Anyways Change of Plans..AGAIN! Gosh I should stop changing my plans its like that awkward moment when I should eat a peanut butter jelly sandwich or my El magnifecnto especiala Banana le Heaven (<=and my friend Ive got no idea what that means )
so where was I ooh I know!! (Yes speak braniac!) .... (Speak!! I demand you to spit out your sandwich and speak!! Speak in the name of Spongebob!!!! Okay the legend has been spoken, I cannot deny it, okay what was I talking about?? (Mere Nonsense) <==Correctomundo! Hey who said that..OMG Dementors!!! Aah..okay I think I have loads of time to freak around like a weirdo but first the more important part, I'm gonna be writing Poems--and and Well all this gibberish (WOW! Like that made any difference -.- )
So where was I..oh yeah almost wetting my sheet and screaming loud and unnecessary voices!
AAAAHH!!!!! GTG <==Liar he just said that so now he could have his Peanut butter Jelly Sandwich!!
Liar!! Traitor!! In the name of Wabadoo's Law youre banished from this land ^
 ^(u heard him all right!..aww poor me..w8 I'm happy I guess so..gosh you talk too much (<-Gosh you Gosh too Much! :( )

Why Lie (Non-explicit version)

[alternative beat]
and live your life in demise
(leaving me)
So why--decide
to take such a step in life
(without me)
{Rapping}You didn't tell me that all along
You didn't tell me that on the phone
You didn't tell me that you had a boyfriend
You didn't tell me that wasn't your first kiss
You didn't tell me that you weren't virgin
You didn't even give a crap of what I said
You just turned me into the background
Like God never gave me any sound
But if you had told the truth for god's sake
I wouldn't have rejected
T would've accepted
I would've let it all come in
The lies--the pain--the truth--the secrets
So I've got one question
Can't you see the truth
(inside me)
Cuz when I opened my mouth
You turned your head around
Like I never existed--like I never loved you
like I never cared about you
I knew you were hiding something
I guess I never saw the backstage
I guess I never thought you would turn like this
I never knew we were playing a game
I never knew you were gonna say checkmate
So please answer this friggin question
and hide your life
(like it never mattered to me)
So goodbye!
to all your lies
and leave me
(alternative beat)
Did even truth escape your lips
I guess it didn't--
cuz you don't what true love feels like
for u it only lasted till the bedroom
for this relationship was based on a lie
so I guess it really did die
It never even crossed your mind
that the truth behind
was a friggin lie
 (so why--die?)
(And live such a life that aint worth living)

Look Inside..

^Yup thats my first album...First of all apologies for not writing yesterday as blogger was unavailable :/
anyways here are the songs :D

1)Why Lie (Non-Explicit Version)
2)Maple Tree
3)Just Look Inside
4)Shrunken Shrek
5)Hey Wuzzy
7)Im Me
8)Is it supposed to be this way?
10)30 seconds of Silence
11)Hey Happy Guy
12)Another Day Passes by
13)Two Faced Liar   

Its not supposed to be this way :S

Okay, yeah I hate going to relatives and even to the extent cousins but(hold on some cousins :P) still yaar every eid (or any holidays in that case) I end up singing old simple plan and linkin park songs. Not that the fact that I MISS them but still--its just that i feel that you know we humans are becoming cold-blooded day by day (hold on harsh kid! were warm-blooded!) and sorta well we are so engrossed in our world that you know :/ we forget our family,relationships that matter and now we dont even care to actually pay a visit to them...besides its been a while since Ive sung What Ive Done (<==Trust me you dont want to hear it!) :/ dunno guys

So this is what it feels like...

 I guess Ive seen this seen probably a gazillion times but never noticed that this day would come. Ive seen it on Firework ( which is truly one of the most awesomest music videos I've ever seen), Ive seen it on Star World and bla bla bla. Ironically, its Mothers Day but what a way to celebrate it..nope no cards,no gifts--yeah I know my bad :(
 Anyways, guess what?? the plain old divorce fight--you know what now that I think about it,it kind of worries me whats going to be of my future :/ I mean I am sick and tired of it---its just thats why I HATE arranged marriages maybe--cuz you dont know at the other end how the person is going to end up, (sigh) maybe thats how life things for sure when i grow up no matter how much incompatibly we share, ill always be at the giving end, cuz my friend this is sick yet worthwile love and thats how things are supposed to be (i think).