Best of Both Worlds

^Hold on!!! Yeah You,Who? Me..ah nvm I never minded your nvm! anyways (w8 anyways doesn't have any ways :S) uggh the one who's giggling (u mean me?),Hanna Montana u bet! :P
 Anyways Change of Plans..AGAIN! Gosh I should stop changing my plans its like that awkward moment when I should eat a peanut butter jelly sandwich or my El magnifecnto especiala Banana le Heaven (<=and my friend Ive got no idea what that means )
so where was I ooh I know!! (Yes speak braniac!) .... (Speak!! I demand you to spit out your sandwich and speak!! Speak in the name of Spongebob!!!! Okay the legend has been spoken, I cannot deny it, okay what was I talking about?? (Mere Nonsense) <==Correctomundo! Hey who said that..OMG Dementors!!! Aah..okay I think I have loads of time to freak around like a weirdo but first the more important part, I'm gonna be writing Poems--and and Well all this gibberish (WOW! Like that made any difference -.- )
So where was I..oh yeah almost wetting my sheet and screaming loud and unnecessary voices!
AAAAHH!!!!! GTG <==Liar he just said that so now he could have his Peanut butter Jelly Sandwich!!
Liar!! Traitor!! In the name of Wabadoo's Law youre banished from this land ^
 ^(u heard him all right!..aww poor me..w8 I'm happy I guess so..gosh you talk too much (<-Gosh you Gosh too Much! :( )

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