Maple Tree

Will it live? Or will it die?
Is this meant to be--or meant to die
So tell me the truth is this really meant to be or--
will it wither like a maple tree--Like a Maple Tree
'cause I dont want to break your heart
(and neither do you)
I can see the road--its rough--and things will get tough
But Ill be ready
just tell me
(that can you look me in the eyes)
and tell me that everything's alright
Tell me that its more than a crush
Or just a rush
Is this more than a friendship
Can we really build a relationship
The branches seem broken
And yet truth hasn't spoken
{Rapping} Tear a page
Tear a leaf
Does it matter cuz it doesnt seem
Silence comes
Silence goes
Grass grows
Wind blows
Its taking too much time
I dont wanna whine
But Im running out of rhymes
At this pace
Id rather chase
A gorilla
Or a freakin godzilla
Making pots out of paper
Making love out of vapor
Holding leaves
Holding Hands
It matters but it doesnt seem
If it takes time
Ill be there and I know
youll follow me
Ill be right beneath the Maple tree
Maple Tree

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