Gummy Bears!! :D

Mmm while I chew on the chewables out there (btw I have a record! :D No Im srs!! Ive chewed over 1.5
 hours and even though the chewing gum is melting its still worth it :) ) lets talk about those squishy, cuddly, Gummy adorable things--nope not Gooey the orb monster who lives in Pizza Planet--yep the old cartoon Gummy Bears more importantly those cute thingys who are trapped in the plastic cage and await their worst nightmnare THE TANGY TOUNGE--It rolls, it swirls, it twirls, it licks ,and with the help of its sidekick Terrible Teeth They combine with their special saber saliva ready to zap any Foodies who trespass the boundaries.Yup but heroically Sualeh comes to the resque  he tears apart the strong unbreakable forcefield of the rare material PLASTIC and lets them taste air (that is that they do not have any tounges) well after 2mins they eventually end up swallowed up too :D
  Anyways some day I hope I just  hope that the world would be covered with gelatine and and aagh theyre so yummy!!! Gosh  I just cant stop I just cant stop!! Come closer Gummies!! OkayI admit Ive totally lost itbut the more I write--you know what the shops round the corner lets have another go--yep enough change- especially for them <3 sorry guys Im busy :P Which reminds me which one is the best the Rubbery Red or the Gooey Green--aah who am I kidding Yummy Yellow FTW!!

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