How to be umm a loser i.e me! (NOW IN 10 EASY STEPS!!)

Okay after watching all those nigahiga videos..which my bad I didnt see :( and apparently hearing all those gibberish from someone who is probably reading it right now (ssssh! codename bobby :P) it apparently made me write me my own how twos :/
1) Most importantly be a hypocrite (heyy easy with the words I have a heart okay--hey didn't I lock you up in the cage yesterday!! Just w8 when Im done typing on the laptop!)
2)Then well youve gotta suck at sports and sing Eminem songs in the Sports block (Im not afraid to take a step--hey will you leave my brush alone!! :@)
3)Then here comes the bitter truth,you'll have to marry the computer and dont forget facebook too, dont break her heart too :(
4)Well then youve gotta be silent "hmph" type and to do that rememmber do not talk in any circumstances!! (Even if its about Pink Panther and its awesome tune--You still watch it o_O--you have a problem?? W8 Dont you run away! Okay Ive gotta admit this talking with yourself thingy its getting pretty lame -.-
5)Youve gotta be the walk alone type--and umm well sing songs and talk to yourself while youre at it :P
6)Youve gotta love Italian Food <3 <3 and ooh chocolates!!
7)Music HAS to be your lifeline--your inspiration (And remember NO LISTENING TO BLUES, A BIT JAZZ [<== Cuz of Casey :D] AND FUSE!)
8)Gosh its only 8 its taking too much time (sigh) <==You have to over react on every thing!!!
9)Youve gotta act lke a total weirdo.
10)You also live in another world.

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