Why Lie (Non-explicit version)

[alternative beat]
and live your life in demise
(leaving me)
So why--decide
to take such a step in life
(without me)
{Rapping}You didn't tell me that all along
You didn't tell me that on the phone
You didn't tell me that you had a boyfriend
You didn't tell me that wasn't your first kiss
You didn't tell me that you weren't virgin
You didn't even give a crap of what I said
You just turned me into the background
Like God never gave me any sound
But if you had told the truth for god's sake
I wouldn't have rejected
T would've accepted
I would've let it all come in
The lies--the pain--the truth--the secrets
So I've got one question
Can't you see the truth
(inside me)
Cuz when I opened my mouth
You turned your head around
Like I never existed--like I never loved you
like I never cared about you
I knew you were hiding something
I guess I never saw the backstage
I guess I never thought you would turn like this
I never knew we were playing a game
I never knew you were gonna say checkmate
So please answer this friggin question
and hide your life
(like it never mattered to me)
So goodbye!
to all your lies
and leave me
(alternative beat)
Did even truth escape your lips
I guess it didn't--
cuz you don't what true love feels like
for u it only lasted till the bedroom
for this relationship was based on a lie
so I guess it really did die
It never even crossed your mind
that the truth behind
was a friggin lie
 (so why--die?)
(And live such a life that aint worth living)

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