So this is what it feels like...

 I guess Ive seen this seen probably a gazillion times but never noticed that this day would come. Ive seen it on Firework ( which is truly one of the most awesomest music videos I've ever seen), Ive seen it on Star World and bla bla bla. Ironically, its Mothers Day but what a way to celebrate it..nope no cards,no gifts--yeah I know my bad :(
 Anyways, guess what?? the plain old divorce fight--you know what now that I think about it,it kind of worries me whats going to be of my future :/ I mean I am sick and tired of it---its just thats why I HATE arranged marriages maybe--cuz you dont know at the other end how the person is going to end up, (sigh) maybe thats how life things for sure when i grow up no matter how much incompatibly we share, ill always be at the giving end, cuz my friend this is sick yet worthwile love and thats how things are supposed to be (i think).

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