An Awkward Birthday!

              Finally done! All for umm u could say a person :P ...              

OK So here we are about to give someone a surprise...the table has been set--everything's ready..
There's snake punch in the bowl...the zombie infested Pineapple Souffle...Chocolate'caine in the corner and we're all waiting for our main guest---penguins!! and bobby..

We just found out the penguins aren't arriving :( I know how uncool is that! No penguins on a birthday thats like halloween with no candies or umm grizzly bears with no Shades! Oh and yeah bobby arrived.

                 Umm  so yeah since the penguins ditched us lets move on to our NVVIP (Next very very important person)-------yes my friend its Travis Barker!!     

So yeah umm a new Guy comes to bobbie (I will not name him 'cause he's too awesome to be named :P )
That New Guy: (Blush aww :P ) Hey there..umm want some snake punch??
Bobby: (looks up) No thanks I'll pass
That New Guy: So this must be like your worst birthday.
Bobby: *sigh*
That New Guy: No I mean like the worst. ever. You got left out--your not that special b'day girl anymore---your food tastes like Applebee's but even worse
Bobby: --Umm thanks for adding that up that really made it--
That New Guy: Anyways my point even though this birthday party is a total ripoff not like the ripoffs you see on  news channels in fact--
Bobby: I get it!! Your Point?! Start on that motivational speech already!
That New Guy: That no matter how much your birthday sucks you can still make the best out of it-hey you're awesome so what if this birthday sucks you're gonna have many more (except if 2012 is real o_O ) So who's up for some fun!
       And guess what happened....
*Bobby and the New Guy move closer*
The New Guy: I---have to tell you something
Bobby: Ooh I know!! That you're in love with me and now were supposed to kiss and have a romantic'y slow-mo
The New Guy: What?! No! I'm a secret agent assigned to hunt down the penguins and save humanity---
Bobby: -----Well that ruined the mood -.-                    

                                           *NOT SO DRAMATIC ENTRANCE*
 Alright Private lets turn this place into a 
                    Sushi Stand! 


                                                               ~THE END~
                                      PENGUINS ARE EPIC!

Obsession with Chocolate,PBJS and Pancakes!!

Chocolate, Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches and Pancakes! <3
Ever..been obsessed with something, feeling to have it more and more! Sticking your hand in the jar for ages and licking it off while watching an awesome movie, sneaking away that special thing for that lovely midnight snack...well I don't need to ask y'all you're in love.

Yes you're a me its better to fall in love with a coffee jar than someone you just met yesterday..okay the epic battle love vs chocolates is too hard to determine..imagine breaking up with a jar--See?! Who's better...And Those special munchies have a place in your heart..Sure you can't resist to gulp that whole thing down your throat and start a manhunt unless someone satisfies with your drug pills (chocolate-caine)..but when you're at home oh boy no one---NO ONE can stop you licking that yummy spoon of Chocolate Icecream Cake--or even that Leftover Chocolate Mousse Cake!  And after all being obsessed with food is BETTER than being obsessed with a lover.

Bobby and Lulu :)

So here is umm the epic story of how I---well just watch the video :)

Umm Castle is freakin awesome!! (with a but)

Okay maybe I've exaggerated (a teensy weensy bit) but yes I am a fanatic of Castle--yes I prefer Castle than Bones---but the best part about it its just so Murder'y Awsum---they put this special ingredient (Maybe some whipped Frog Sauce o_O) in it that keeps me coming back for more. Season 3 ended so quickly :( can't wait for season 4---So yeah--Go Castle!! <3 Although Captain Montogomery died :( *umm spoiler alert I guess :P*

Although there is one thing I really do hate about castle.....

What's in the fridge (or whatever's left in it)

That's why you should always leave something for a midnight snack!
Now that's what I did---recycling! I'm Going Green YAY!! *Yucky sigh*

The Hot Dog Guy!!

              So in the city of Townsville..
He stands for hustle for respect...for making a living!! And guess what he sells the NSFII (Not so Forbidden Illegal Item) in his city...Nope not drugs..not chocolate....HOT DOGS!!!!

A new villian awaits..
Wow -.- so this post is exactly like the bungee guy---how creative!
Umm no!...
He's got ketchup killers! (yeah!) Mustard Zappers! (yeah!) A teddy! (yeah!!????)
But does he have free hot dogs?
*with purchases only*
The Point?!
He also has an Idenity Card!

Name: The Intergalactic Lord of Ketchup Tomato frying pan Saucer: The Hot Dog Guy......or Kevin
Father's Name:The Awesome Lord of Bread's Ultravolopian Galaxy: General Major Pretzel Guy.....or Bob
Age: recently 21
Activities: Getting Drunk and buying a Hot Dog Stands for 100 Grand and for apparently no reason avenging Bungee Guy...Selling Hot dogs to make a living.
Approved License: ---umm next question


                          I'm BACK
(P.S this is the smalllest blogpost ever so umm--yeah bye! And you're awsum if you can read this--(nope)