Obsession with Chocolate,PBJS and Pancakes!!

Chocolate, Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches and Pancakes! <3
Ever..been obsessed with something, feeling to have it more and more! Sticking your hand in the jar for ages and licking it off while watching an awesome movie, sneaking away that special thing for that lovely midnight snack...well I don't need to ask y'all you're in love.

Yes you're a fanatic..trust me its better to fall in love with a coffee jar than someone you just met yesterday..okay the epic battle love vs chocolates is too hard to determine..imagine breaking up with a jar--See?! Who's better...And Those special munchies have a place in your heart..Sure you can't resist to gulp that whole thing down your throat and start a manhunt unless someone satisfies with your drug pills (chocolate-caine)..but when you're at home oh boy no one---NO ONE can stop you licking that yummy spoon of Chocolate Icecream Cake--or even that Leftover Chocolate Mousse Cake!  And after all being obsessed with food is BETTER than being obsessed with a lover.

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