The Hot Dog Guy!!

              So in the city of Townsville..
He stands for hustle for respect...for making a living!! And guess what he sells the NSFII (Not so Forbidden Illegal Item) in his city...Nope not drugs..not chocolate....HOT DOGS!!!!

A new villian awaits..
Wow -.- so this post is exactly like the bungee guy---how creative!
Umm no!...
He's got ketchup killers! (yeah!) Mustard Zappers! (yeah!) A teddy! (yeah!!????)
But does he have free hot dogs?
*with purchases only*
The Point?!
He also has an Idenity Card!

Name: The Intergalactic Lord of Ketchup Tomato frying pan Saucer: The Hot Dog Guy......or Kevin
Father's Name:The Awesome Lord of Bread's Ultravolopian Galaxy: General Major Pretzel Guy.....or Bob
Age: recently 21
Activities: Getting Drunk and buying a Hot Dog Stands for 100 Grand and for apparently no reason avenging Bungee Guy...Selling Hot dogs to make a living.
Approved License: ---umm next question

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