It Broke :(

Today a horrible thing happened..Im serious guys...NO REALLY SERIOUS...There are only two toys I love one of them is Tyranta (which is apparently a batman action figure) but still I prefer to call it Tyranta..anyways not the point the other toy I loved was my friends..Diego..Diego. And I'm afraid Today a horrible thing happened---very horrible :( Okay I just took a bath and I just arrived in the drawing room and then suddenly CRACK--gues what?? guessed right..guessed darn right. Seriously I loved him very much even more than Wuzzy more than Tyrnta..More than Monko, More than KP. Uggh I just hope The Super Glue does its job otherwise Im afraid--that Diego will hav eonly one paw :( I never knew it would come up to this..this.
  His smile His awesome smile..Gosh I just wish I hadnt took a bath..See thats the reason we shouldn;t take baths!! --Aaagh never mind :/

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