Its good to be weird :D

Never ate a cockroach?? Never watched Power puff Girls? Never had an awkward moment with your Crushees? NEVER been weird...well no offence but GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE 
Yeah so what I sing in the shower..So what if I still play with my toys..So watchya gonna do Im standing on top--So listen up thats my generation ( :D Go Simple Plan.) My point--
Waffles                     OR                              Weirdness
Educate                     U                                Eventually
Icecream                COULD                        Is
Really                     JUST                            Rockingly 
Dumbly                    SAY                            Dominating!! 

According to my flowchart 
Weirdness ---->Epicness---->And Epicness is Awesomeness!---->w8 for it----> a couple more arrows--->a little more--->drum roll---->KUNG FU PANDA 2'ness
Well thats what I learnt from the movie...

And according to my table
Days              Weirdness Meter           Popularity Level

   1                              5°                              Somebody
   2                             11°                       What was your name again?    
   3                             15°                      He noticed me!! :D
   4                            17°                        So you actually did that!
   5                             22°                OMG Dude thats wicked!                          
   6                             27°                         How does he do that!
   7                             32°              You can now be given the title "Weirdo"
RESULT: Somewhat successful
CAUTION:If weirdness is crossed by the limit then you may experience People getting away from you'ness i.e loneliness 

So whos with me?? ....................Crickets  -.- ...I'll take that as a no

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