Thats what I do when the Power's out :P

I uncovered this from my mom's cell :P since my ipod battery was out well then nothing like wasting time on a useless talk..
 "Yay!! My name is well practically the fact is I don't know my name or do I?? I guess so or maybe I think fifty fifty. So where was I well practically in the middle of nowhere I guess...I think I just remembered something..yep..nope I lost..on the middle of nowhere w8 I just said that or did I? Well I guess so great just great I wrote 'bout twenty lines and I don't know what I'm talking about and the best part I don't even know my name..ooh!! Me! Pick ME! I just remembered something! I remembered what? Gosh I'm so w8 I just remembered! See! I'm not that forgetful or maybe I am..anyways the points is No pointy lingy Encore totally cooking raw with the African boy..Anyways you know what---Meatballs! with Cloudy!! Anyways how was the weather today? Me no know...Your supposed to know doofus so what was my fault again?? Lemme see..I didn't cook the big mac properly right?? Oh yeah I almost forgot something my my name is Cheesy Chicken..hey!! thats not dair I wanted to be the pizza :( so today we learnt my name YAY!! sorta..Anyways guys my point was to pass time well I practically succeeded in it right??"

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