The Chicken Dance!

That is by far the most embarrassing thing I've ever done in front of my dad..but hey!! Its not my fault its that stupid bet! and you know what the best part is! I did it twice! Thank god we cancelled the youtube upload part! But how can I guy lose twice on a bet :( I hate this dance..or ritual..or embarrassment..or this thingy--or whatever it is btw who invented it anyways?? Now that I think about did it even originate?

Well in my opinion it originated like this :P ..

Long ago in Egypt there existed a kingdom who were ruled by the race of Rooster Gods. These roosters were well known for their fame, popularity and respect. The kingdom consisted of various birds one of them were the chickens. The Chickens were hardworking birds.

 They were excellent in cooking, and their special ingredient---eggs. They cooked various dishes, Sun eggs, Omelettes and Scrambled eggs. Day by day..the chickens became popular and well-known.

Eventually the roosters found out what was happening, seeing the chickens as a a threat to their popularity, they ordered the chickens to become their slaves. The chicken were powerless and were forced to accept. The roosters instead of treating them kindly made fun of them, and did not even give them proper food.

Later a clever rooster devised a plan to further humiliate them by doing a sacred African ritual the "Die hoender Dans" i.e the Chicken Dance.  Since then the chickens are forced to do this shameful act...this act was later followed on by the humans and is still practiced today.                                                                              
                                                          THE END

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