Always view the positive side :P --no seriously!

Blood ------------->Tomato Ketchup
Vampires----------> Saber-tooth'ed Edward Cullen
Spiders-----------> Spider-man I guess..or an 8 legged cutie
Clowns---------->Come on!? Umm--the Batman Joker--why? cuz hes awesome!
Zombies----->Plants vs Zombies--I give you my word its a hell awesome game! Trust me! :D
Giant Squids--->Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants
Bats-------->Batman, blind people who have lost their way
Rats------->Stuart Little! Ratatouille, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry!, Master Splinter from TMNT
Thunderstorms--->After the thunder storm--Rainbows! and maybe if we're lucky pixies,unicorns and candies!
Ghosts--->Come on don't you remember Casper?
Sharks--->Well..Shark Tale and those guys from Finding Nemo--did they look scary to you?
What about plain death-->???(Nothing)??


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