Dream---it won't hurt :)

    Everybody has their special dream place..be it "Candyland",Cybertron or just where nothing is impossible. They have this "utopia world" inside it trapped and sometimes unable to run itself wild. Like the awesomeness of umm chocolate!--yeah nobody can't beat chocolate! And believe me if it doesn't go crazy, you'll better be crazy because you haven't experienced a place where YOU have the power to change(umm create would be better I guess)  Where awesomeness lies ahead and you paint your own life (like the art class except those stick figures actually make sense) That's the power of Dream.
    It doesn't have any spidey sense or any other super power --its just got this one thing.......imagination. Its lovely, awesome, and dreamy. Okay maybe it looks a bit awkward when you're visiting your world and that gaudy old maths teacher slams that duster on the desk and asks a maths question and that bomb explodes on your wonderful and wanna-be perfect world, like I stupid Oil Painting. Still it's worth the price--cuz its free! And as my Sensei Lesson #24 states "Anything that is free--is helluva awesome!"
  So who's up for some triple chocolate coated pancakes topped with bunny shaped munchkins on top of Mount for-ever-est --I'll be there this afternoon--You should visit it sometimes :)
Two sum it up in two words..DREAMING RULES!!                        

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