The Bungee Guy!

A new superhero awaits...
You mean the guy who carries a green lantern with him all the time?
The Guy who wears his undies inside out?
Nope.....he is the one and only  THE BUNGEE GUY!! He stands for justice---for loyalty---for respect and peace within the country. He doesn't have a cape..or those web thingys..or claws..or Chemical X--he has the power of the ROPE. And with his awesome bungee'ing skills he will destroy the forces of evil by---jumping on people and bungee'ing them around.And his arch enemy The Hot Dog Guy! With his Mustard Zappers and Ketchup Killers. He's evil alright..very evil and now he must save the hot dog world for it is in grave danger.

Name: The Bungee Guy!

Age:Turned thirteen last week

Address: My secret hideout??The attic. Sssh its a secret!

Activities: Busting crime and destroying the forces of evil, Hanging around,etc

Father's name: Do super heroes tell their father's name?

Approved License:Yeah right!

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