INNOCENCE (and why I crave it like cheesecakes)

Awww :3 aren't they cute! No? Well then Never mind
Umm hey guys--so yeah as promised...innocence :P
So well heres the thing or thingy or whatever---mind the fact that it is about a crush'ee and well so yeah I want to talk about something that is loong gone 
You guys must have read the news these days..
 Yeah that..
 Remember those days when life was peaceful..innocent..harmless..(and a couple of more adjectives)
and well now its just everything BUT LOVE!!!! *and chocolate*
But thats not why i crave innocence--its 'cause well no matter even if it is a teensy bit there its there at least and my friend its worth fighting for--'cause well innocence is well awesome? okay that didnt come out right--umm well lets just put it this way without it life just sucks--cause its that thingy that can defeat guilt--overpower it and well you feel secure and all--(did I finally reach my point?) you can have trust--and when you have trust--you have the world (maybe 0.0000001% of it..but hey thats still a big number)
so long story short: INNOCENCE IS AWESOME! :)
and well if you didnt get it well youre not the only one :P
and thanks everyone again for following me--imma be back :)

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