Awesom'e Recipe!!

Alright so in celeberation of my 50th post so umm here you go an official copy of one of my awesome recipes! Okay maybe im talking a lot 'bout food but umm anyways i tried it this morning and it was De-lal-cious! And umm its kinda a bit messy


  1. Awesomeness
  2. Ba-na-na-s
  3. Peanut Butter
  4. Bread
  5. Knife--Blood!
  6. Choc'y Powder..or Choc' Spready thingy
  7. Maple Sauce/Apple sauce and milk/honey <--dont use honey if you think its yucky (optional)

  • Well lets see..
  • Still thinking..
  • One more random enter..
  • And thats just about it
  • Well first cut the edges of the bread
  • then spread the peanut butter
  • place it in the toaster (yes my friend the toaster)
  • Umm after two three minutes...see if the peanut butters is melting then take it out
  • Then take the knife and spread a little maple sauce and  well spread the excess butter
  • Then spread the Jam <--dont use the one that has both otherwise it will be less awe'somey
  • alright take a banana and cut in half or pro'lly umm a thin short slice (there should be in 3 or 4 pieces)
  • well now dip it in the milky + honey
  • and then soak/roll it up in the cocoa powder/or spread'y
  • alright now umm cut the slice accordingly (3 slice=3 slice) 
  • now fold it well if its dripping and a bit fall'y (you've done it correctly)
  • now take a fork and umm eat!
  • EAT!
  • BURP!

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